more frosty birch trees…


birch.frosty.2013it was a bit windy the day this was taken…if you look closely, especially on the top left side you can see the snow blowing off the trees…

29 thoughts on “more frosty birch trees…

    • Thank you Mark for your kind words, they are appreciated! While this type of weather does afford the opportunity for winter wonderland photos, I’m a warm weather, beach person at heart…but this is were I live… :)

    • I’m not a fan of winter even though I live in Ontario…but…I do agree it does look like a winter wonderland but… only for a day or so then it melts and everything looks dirty… :( regardless it is what it is! Icy roads are definitely scary…they leave a person helpless on the road…we generally don’t have a true ice storm and I pray we continue that way!!!

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