sand and sun…

I decided it is time for a bit of sand and sun…since I can’t photograph the sand here I will rely on photos I took in the last few winters…when I go to Florida I generally don’t stay in a condo/house on the beach, for one far to expensive for my liking and Key west generally doesn’t have condos on the beach…across the street or close by but we like to be able to walk everywhere so find it better to stay close to Duval Street…as a result I don’t have a great many beach photos…should have many this winter as my daughter and I will be staying in Marco Islands in a condo on the beach in January…the first for me in many years.

Marco Island, Florida –  2012

Marco Island beach3

Naples, Florida, 2012


Fort Zachary State Park Beach – 2012

park beach.2012

5 thoughts on “sand and sun…

  1. I took lots of very snowy photos today (LOTS OF SNOW) during a business trip out of town, but can’t upload them until Saturday, because I forgot to pack my SD card reader.

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