barns again…

More barns…although these ones aren’t red.   Again, please keep in mind these photos were taken from a moving vehicle.   It has almost become a challenge to me to see what I can get in the way of a usable photo this way!   It has been bitter cold here for days and I’m afraid I’m a fair weather person so I’ve not been out a great deal.   I know, why do I live in north eastern Ontario???   It is what it is!   It is sunny and somewhat warmer today so I may see what I can find to photograph!
old barn.2014

red.barn.2.2014 as you can see, the barn below actually has a red door!


10 thoughts on “barns again…

    • thank you Wendy…I rather like that one as well, I’ve a soft spot for old decrepit buildings, vehicles anything really! You know, if I had my choice I’d stop but if that happened we’d take for ever to get to our destination as I’d be stopping at every structure I saw :) as well I’m not the one driving so I don’t ask to stop. It has now become a bit of a challenge to me to see how clear/presentable/descent a photo I can produce this way… enjoy your day!

  1. lol…thanks Sylvia…no I wasn’t driving, but I didn’t want to ask the person who was to stop constantly along the way for me to take a photo…we’d never reach our destination if I did! :) It actually has become a bit of a challenge to see what kind of photos I can take!

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