In the spring, summer and fall this is a beautiful park area beside Lake Nipissing…it is still beautiful but rather stark with the snow…when I was a child this was a busy happening place.  Not so any more, I visit once in a while and there are rarely any people swimming here.  Rather sad actually that such a great park isn’t utilized much…although we have a few that aren’t being used a great deal.


15 thoughts on “winter…

  1. Lonely benches!
    It’s true. Not many people are going to the parks like they did in years past.
    I heard one little girl talking to another one day….she said, “I love to ride my bicycle outside.”
    Her friend responded, “Can you go outside by yourself? I’m not allowed to go out without an adult, are you? My mom says its too dangerous.”
    We never thought about things like that when I was little. We were outside all of the time. If we had to wait for an adult to accompany us, we would have rarely been able to leave the house!

    • they certainly are lonely looking benches Mary…I know, we were outside from breakfast to bed time with lunch and dinner in there somewhere…wouldn’t happen now!!! Sad really…

    • thank you always surprises me when I see the parks almost empty…it used to be crazy busy when I was young and such a sense of freedom to be there. There is another larger park that I lived a 2 minute walk away from for 20 years and it was the same thing..I used to visit regularly on my walks and would think “where are the people”???

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