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at Callander Bay, Lake Nipissing

Last week I stopped by Callander Bay and have to say got a huge surprise!   The bay was green sludge…actually it is blue-green algae.  It was as far out into the bay as I could see.  I knew there was an issue in Callander Bay, but didn’t realize just how bad it was!   “The toxins in the algae can irritate the skin and, if ingested, cause diarrhea and vomiting.  At high enough levels, the toxins may cause liver and nervous system damage.  The residences of Callander Bay are advised to keep pets or livestock from drinking or swimming in the water. In addition, residents should not use the water for cooking because food may absorb toxins from the water. Also, boiling or treating the water with a disinfectant such as bleach may release more toxins”.

Very sad really, as Callander Bay is a beautiful tourist area in the summer and in the winter the bay is full of ice huts…wouldn’t be eating any fish from the Bay!

sludge.callander.bay.2013the water looks blue/gray around this female duck but if you look close to her body you will see it is green!   duck.calendar.bay.2013smart fellow, no fishing for him!  I think this fellow is from the Bittern family…bird.callander.bay.2013