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off premier road, lake nipissing

this was taken a few years ago…when I lived on the shores of lake nipissing…funny how when something is there for 20 years it becomes common place, but when gone you feel the lose!  This was part of my view for twenty years…I moved two and a half years and miss it more each day…lake nipissing.2009 (600 x 293)Happy New Year to you and yours…may 2013 bring you health, happiness & prosperity!


south beach…key west

this is as you can see a tiny beach at the southern end of Key West…I’ve stopped by and took a few photos, but never actually sat down for the day…in all honesty, in my opinion, Key West isn’t the spot to go for a fabulous beach…although this one is not bad…I enjoy Key West for the smallness, the sun, & the friendliness of the “natives”…having said that it isn’t a place for everyone…I think you will enjoy it if you are somewhat of a “hippy” at heart…or a bit artsy…  :~)

south beach,key west.2012 (600 x 336)


partially frozen…lake nipissing

this photo is from a few weeks ago…just before we had the 10 inches of snow, I haven’t been able to get any new shots at the access as the snow plows have pushed up mountains of snow, blocking my path..have to say I’m past climbing up mountains of snow!

semi frozen lake.2012 (816 x 612)


Leesburg waterway to Lake Harris

leesburg, florida 2012 (600 x 402)Love sitting at the small uniquely interesting outdoor “bar/cafe” that is to the left of this photo…it is usually peaceful, now and then a boat will pass by, would be a great place to sit and read!.  When I’m there this winter I will take a photo of the bar/cafe…it is old, and run down, in terrible shape really, I’m sure it hasn’t been updated in years but I like it regardless…

second half…

I’ve begun using my son’s Sony camera and I don’t know if it has a panorama setting, so I took this photo in two sections, I can do a panorama shot with my iPhone but it was too cold for it that day…the sun was setting behind me giving the sky a beautiful look!

raillines.2012 (600 x 450)


lake nipissing…

dec.22.2012 end of sunset. (600 x 376)


rail cars across from lake nipissing

rail lines..2012 (600 x 361)


fun with photo manipulation…

Hmmmm…I”m new to the world of photography in this manner… I’ve taken photos all my life of family, my trips, jewelry to post…but…I’ve never taken photos to post on a blog for others to see!

On my new journey something I’ve been seeing in my travels around photography blogs is photo manipulation.   The only program I have to work with my photos is Picasa…jewelry photos doesn’t require any special effects!  Having said that I just learned I can do some very interesting photo manipulation with Picasa.  I’ve added a few photos…it was fun to experiment…

This is the original, all I’ve done is crop it…I think the redishness is from the sunset behind me when I was taking this photos?

original.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve added a boarder & used the heat map setting…this one was fun!boarder.heatmap.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve used infrared film, lomo-ish, and added a boarder, mysterious!infrared fil, lomo-ish, boarder.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve used tint & saturation…love cobalt blue, so this is a favourite!tint.saturation.2012 (524 x 600)


First let me say Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love…

I took a few photos of my tree to post but because it is done in chocolate brown, lime green, silver and a touch of red it didn’t show up nicely…so I decide to show a few of my decorations!

This little bear is hand made by a friend of mine…he is just under 4 inches tall…has movable arms and legs… definitly a work of art!teddy bear 2012This is a hand cut and painted glass decoration!hand made decoriations 2012

The star isn’t handcrafted but looks like it could have been…I just like the 2012

Again this is a hand cut and painted glass decoration…hand made glass decoration 2012


sunset behind…

single tree.2012 (573 x 600)I took this photo a couple of days ago…the same day I took the sunset…in fact the sunset is behind me in this shot…in case you were wondering, I have a fascination with trees, but I particularly love trees like this one, alone, naked without its leaves…

Merry Christmas everyone…may you have a safe, healthy, happy holiday season!

love a sunset?


sunset.2012 dec.22 (561 x 600)this was taken yesterday afternoon around 4:15…


snow day…

Didn’t venture for a walk yesterday as it was a “snow day”.  I went for my walk this morning…although the wind was biting when walking into it the sun was shining brightly, wonderful day for a walk!    I’m adding a few photos today as I want to show how much snow we received in about 18 hours…I’m not a winter person so I’m not thrilled but I know those who were thrilled!  The photo I posted yesterday morning gives you some idea of how little snow we had before our “snow day”…Environment Canada weather offices says we received approx. 24cm or approx. 9.5 inches of snow…give or take!   Definitly more than I would like…

Parking lot pile…lakeshore drive! parking lot snow pile.dec.22.12 (450 x 600)sidewalk plowed on lakeshore drive…snow 2...dec. 22.12 (484 x 600) snow over hang business, lakeshore drive…snow over hanging.dec.22.12 (600 x 278) again parking lot piles!snow piles.dec.22.12 (600 x 400)


leesburg florida waterway…

Leesburge Florida (600 x 400)to the left of where I’m standing taking the photo is a unique outdoor establishment serving cold beverages, and delicious food…

wintery lake nipissing

lake nipissing...2012 (600 x 450)this was taken a week or so ago…in the last 12 hours it has snowed steadily…haven’t gone for my walk yet today, but will take photos when I do


heavy load…

heavy load.2012 (600 x 450)apparently a snow storm is on the way…

passing by…

cruise ship. park beach2011. (520 x 300)this cruise ship is passing by the beach at fort zachary state park in key west…

all alone…

stuck in the ice...2012 (577 x 600)it is funny sometimes how the smallest thing catches our eye…

all of 3 feet tall…

little snowman.2012 (600 x 398)spotted this little fellow on my walk today…


restuarant…key west

key west restuarant. 2012 (600 x 400)Yes…this is a restaurant in Key West…simple fare but good none the less!


frothy at the shore…lake nipissing

frothy at the shore.2012. (557 x 421)

this was taken a few short weeks ago…how I miss the open water!


sunset from mallory square…key west

sunset from mallory Square, KW.2012 (600 x 574)


before the snow…waterfront, lake nipissing

before the snow... (450 x 600)


open bits of water…lake nipissing

open bits of water.2-12 (600 x 450) (600 x 450)


friendly fellow…

friendly fellow...key west.2012 (600 x 451)


bench in the woods…

seat in the woods 2012 (600 x 450)


carrying a heavy load!

carrying a heavy weight.2012 (545 x 769)


driving through downtown Atlanta…

driving thorugh downtown Atlanta... (1077 x 808)


fishing for lunch…

fishing for lunch (612 x 816)


lavasse river open…champlain park

lavasse river. 2010 (600 x 400)


a very well fed fellow!

crow.2012 (600 x 569)

gnarly tree…

gnarly tree..2012 (852 x 808)This is an amazing tree…looks like a hand palm up…

after the snow we had today, I couldn’t resist posting this!!!

south beach.key west.2012 (600 x 400)South Beach, Key West


what a difference a day makes…snow!

grass.2012 (673 x 676)



birds nest 2012 (1077 x 934)


government dock…lake nipissing

government dock.lake nipissing.2012


lake nipissing…

lake nipissing 2010 (710 x 382)

fuchsia flowers…key west

fuschia flowers...key west.2012 (768 x 512)


into the sun…lake nipissing

into the sun....2012 (808 x 849)


gator undercover…leesburg, florida

Gator 2011 (808 x 486)


end of the boating season…lake nipissing water front

end of the season...lake nipissing water front (816 x 612)


7th floor, city hall…

7th floor, city hall... (612 x 816)


at the Christmas Walk…

christmas walk 2012 (532 x 786)