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a little different perspective of a photo I posted a couple of days ago…taken with my iPhone will on the road!


A fruit bouquet…given to my Mother on Mother’s Day by one of my brothers…

Another photo taken while driving with my iPhone…of course I wasn’t driving.  I enjoy this type of landscape, barren but every once in a while something cool pops up!


My view left and right while in Marco Island this winter…I have to admit while the house was awesome I missed the ocean view and will be doing my best to stay ocean side in the future.



Remember when…I used to enjoy making sand castles as a child.  Found this abandoned one on the beach!


To all Mother’spurple.flower.16.mothersday.,,,

Buds on the branches mean spring is here!!!


I put the clean laundry down…turned my back for a minute and look who decided to burrow in…


I spotted these lovely purple crocuses at the waterfront last week…same day I photographed the ice moving.


Thought I’d post a few photos of the ice up close, gives you and idea of the force behind the ice when you see how small the pieces are…




Last week, Wed. April 27th, I stopped at the waterfront to take a few photos of the ice…it has finally begun to move.  If you look closely you can see the ice is beginning to crystallize as well.   A bit slow this year but then this winter has been unusual to say the least…