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A little over a week ago I noticed we had a boarder…a Robin decided to build her nest inside my garage.   This spring I took my snow scraper out of my vehicle and leaned it against the wall in between two 2 x 4…look where the Robin decided to build a nest.   Don’t know why I didn’t notice her building the nest?  The garage was under construction and the garage door wasn’t on yet.   There is at least one egg in the nest, so it looks like the garage door may be awhile before it goes on.   robin.nest.2014...



Ice gone…

the weather is getting better, the ice is off the lake, I can see summer in the not too distant future!   These photos were taken two weeks ago before all the ice was off the lake.  I’ve not taken anything much since, too busy preparing for the Opening Day of our local Farmers’ Market.

the photos were taken at Sunset Park…a favorite childhood place for me to visit.  The ice was moving about that day…you can see it piling up on the rocks.


when I took the photo below I stood at the shore line listening to the ice as it moved, I could actually hear it moving against itself…a very strange sound!



hopefully it is gone!

I took these two photos on the way to a meeting in Rosseau on April 27th, they are from separate lakes.  Don’t know the names, but you would think I would after driving this way every Friday in July and August for eight years?   I’m sure the ice is gone by now…hopefully!