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here are three roses, individually, they were all in one photo but with all the colors I found it too distracting so I cropped these three out…



a flowery kind of day…

Don’t you just love Sunflowers…so beautiful!




the old Chief…



I’ve not been to a midway, it many years…since my grandson was small and he is now 17, so I’m guessing at least 7 years, maybe more.   My daughter, son-in-law and I decide to meet my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter Paige at the Midway yesterday.   Now you should know Paige is 6 moths old this week…

The crowds were considerably smaller than the previous two days… the Petting Zoos I’ve been to the past certainly didn’t have the types of animals I saw yesterday, I was actually surprised to see these and other animals there.



The sign said these two fellows are gentle and could be hand fed if you were so inclined!


There are two zebras in this tiny cage…the sign said they were not gentle, they bite, keep your hands away and do not feed!


Tussock Moth Caterpillar…

Found this fellow last Saturday, I have to admit that in all my years, I don’t remember ever seeing one of these fellows before?  It is actually very pretty…

I found the following information on this website:

“These cool-looking caterpillars produce a quite plain and inconspicuous moth. They eat almost anything, including a number of decorative trees like hawthorn that cities tend to plant along roads and in plazas. Tussock moth caterpillars get their name from the little tufts of fur along their backs; apparently these are called “tussocks” in some parts of the world.”
catterpiller.2014 (2)