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to all my blogging friends…




this was taken a while back as you an see there are still leaves on the trees…

black & white…

I love the silhouette of branches with out leaves!

branches.sunset.2. 2013

Icicle daggers…

I spotted this yesterday afternoon…not sure what it is all about as I don’t visit this area much…I was up a slight embankment and couldn’t walk down to look at the plaque beside it as the snow was too deep.   I’m thinking it is some kind of beacon, totem pole, but honestly don’t know what or why it is there. I will find out eventually.   The triangular shaped top looks like green glass.   I did it in black & white as some areas of the snow and clouds were just too blue and I couldn’t eliminate it in Photoscape…notice the ridges behind it, they are all along the shore line but the rest of the ice as far as the eye can see looks fairly smooth…I’ve not heard if the ice is safe enough to venture out but I did notice a number of people taking ice huts out so I’m hoping so!


changed my mind…introducing Jade again!

I was going to do a year in review kind of post…but after taking a look back at some of my posts I’ve changed my mind!   I think I’ll find something fairly recent to post!    I couldn’t resist posting these two…this is Jade…I introduced her last Christmas.   She is my daughter’s standard poodle and she thinks she is one of the children!   Poor Jade, she is totally exhausted from the holidays…this was taken Christmas day.


The color of the photo below is a bit off but it was either washed out or too much color as the photo above is closer to her natural color, so I chose to use it like this.  I wanted to show the photo below as it shows just how tired she was…Jade is laying on a couch, yes, at her size, with her two front paws under her chin.  Just look at those eyes…and yet if you asked her to she would be willing to play.



To you and yours…


This was taken a couple of weeks ago when we had the hoar frost morning, I’ve since learned that is what it is called…”a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.”   Today it was much warmer -5C or 23F and we now have wet slushy roads.  I’ll take a few photos to show you the difference a day can make in the appearance!


holding the moon…

On the way back from Sudbury, which is 1.5 hrs west of North Bay, I managed to capture a few photos…of course they were all taken from the moving vehicle as a result they are not as crisp or clear as them should be…but I couldn’t resist posting them regaradless!


the moon isn’t as cool in the last two photos, but the positioning was rather interesting…




This fall, we have had very cold weather…generally this type of weather is in January or February, not November and December.   I know…it is what it is!   For the last week or so the wind chill has made it biting cold…today it is -32C or -25.6F…darn cold for December 14th!!!   So another shot from the south for today…a Key West sunset taken last winter.   Makes me feel warmer just looking at it!


sand and sun…

I decided it is time for a bit of sand and sun…since I can’t photograph the sand here I will rely on photos I took in the last few winters…when I go to Florida I generally don’t stay in a condo/house on the beach, for one far to expensive for my liking and Key west generally doesn’t have condos on the beach…across the street or close by but we like to be able to walk everywhere so find it better to stay close to Duval Street…as a result I don’t have a great many beach photos…should have many this winter as my daughter and I will be staying in Marco Islands in a condo on the beach in January…the first for me in many years.

Marco Island, Florida –  2012

Marco Island beach3

Naples, Florida, 2012


Fort Zachary State Park Beach – 2012

park beach.2012

towards the Government dock is another of the photos taken a week ago…heading towards the Government Dock.

bumpy ice…

it has been warmer the last day or so, in fact it is sunny and -4C right now, so it that keeps up hopefully this will melt and smooth out!  I could wish for lots of snow to cover this but the solid pieces could be dangerous…I’d rather it melted.    This makes for difficult walking, cross country skying or snowmobiling when the ice is thick enough!   It is NOT thick enough, we haven’t had enough cold weather.


more frosty birch trees…


birch.frosty.2013it was a bit windy the day this was taken…if you look closely, especially on the top left side you can see the snow blowing off the trees…

random photos taken before it turned cold and snowed!

public accesss.2013 (3)




broken, barbed wire & fence…


This broken branch above ooked completely out of place…it is huge in comparison to all the other branches…


the touch of red & yellow caught my eye…love how the snow is holding on to the wire fence!


Snow hangs upside down on the barbed  wire…



This was taken on Friday morning as well…the trees did look beautiful.   The clouds were rolling in fast as you can see behind the trees…