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hanging around…

I shot this fellow last Saturday, during a walk along the waterfront…I watched him for sometime and took many shots to get this one…bee.2.2013

moon at 5:00am

this was taken last Friday, July 26th at 5:00am…I was packing my vehicle to make the trip to Rosseau Market…I’ve tried these types of shots before but never managed to get one that I liked…I like the stark black and white of this one…all that was done to this was cropping, sharpened and noise reduction…I would like to eliminate the halo but I think that has something to do with how I took the photo???moon...2013


one of us has gone fishin!

I saw three female ducks sitting on the rocks last Saturday just like this…I had to take a photo of this lady as she actually looks angry!   apparently ducks do this to keep warmer… fishin…duck.2013this female didn’t mind her photo being taken!

Lake Rosseau

the view from end of the dock at Lake Rosseau Park


definitly not serious!

if you visit on occasion you will know clouds are a favorite of mine…I rather liked the placement of the ones below! clouds and light…something that attracted me, nothing more! of the last of the season…the growing time is short!strawberries.nbfm.2013



A windy day at the beach!

seagulls.2013these next photos were taken on the same day…it was very windy but the ducks seem to be enjoying the turbulent water…swimming about!  the female below was rather nosy and came up very close…some are more skittish than others…,this next photos was take in the creek that flows into Lake Nipissing…I’ve watched this family on and off, for about a month now…babies are getting big!

simply because I love flowers!

...potted plant....2.2013

Lake Rosseau…

Every Friday till Labor Day weekend I do the Rosseau Market…on the shores of Lake Rosseau, in the tiny community of Rosseau…it is a beautiful area.   The first two photos are cottages, the second is a boat house, the cottage is hidden in the trees!lake rosseau,house.2013lake rosseau,house.2..2013boat house.rosseau.2013


why are three daisies blurry!

I rather like this shot, but not sure why three daisies on the right hand side are blurry???   Can you help…


a bit of B & W

I becoming a big fan of b & w…these are older shots I’ve converted as I’ve not been able to take many photos and the ones I’ve taken I’ve not done anything with yet.  I’ll get to them soon I hope.   The photo below is cropped as I liked the rather eery look of it this way…believe it or not there is a restaurant/bar behind me, I think I’ve shown photos of before…right on a canal that feeds into to Lake Harris, Leesburg Florida.

...Leesburg Florida....2013

this is a shot I took from my vehicle window while driving through Kentucky on my way home last winter…if you are a visitor you will know I’m a huge fan of “naked” trees…

tree.22.2013this is one side of Sunset Park point…before all the ice was gone…I thought the b & w made this shot look rather interesting…


sunset from the past…

I took some photos on Saturday that I deleted, they were awful due to user error… I was looking through my photos for something to post as I’ve not been able to get out and take any photos since Saturday…found this, it will work for now!

lake nipissing, premier road, .2009

this & that…