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From an “Artist’s Garden”…in Key West


Again, a photo taken while driving home…there is an area in southern Ontario where there are hundreds of windmills along the side of the road in farmers’ fields.  While in theory these are a good source of energy, apparently the vibration causes medical issues for those who live close by?


skinny buildings…

Every year when I go through Cincinnati I wonder about the ‘skinny buildings’…I’ve done some research trying to find out why the tall thin buildings?  What I found was reference to their historical aspect but nothing with detailed information about this particular architecture preference.   I’m going to assume when these buildings were built the roads were narrow,  with possibly a large influx of settlers, with space being limited?   If anyone knows the reason please leave a message…fyi…photo taken while driving, not me of course!



You can find this just off Duval Street in Key West…don’t think it would be deemed acceptable here in Canada?

all in a row…

If you know me at all you know I love trees, especially “naked trees”…without leaves of course!   This was taken while driving on the way home from Florida…fyi…I wasn’t driving!   A crisp cold morning, brrrr.  There is a bit of dirty windshield showing up on the right hand side but I really liked this so excuse the dirt!


see you later Alligator…

These are such cool fellows…I’ve seen a couple outside the zoo one in particular up close and personal.




I’ve returned from Florida and have just gotten to my photos.  They will be in random order depending on what I get to next.   Here is a fellow we found at the Naples Zoo.   I’ve been to the zoo a couple of times and enjoy the fact it is small and hasn’t been overly busy when we have been there making it relatively easy to observe the zoo residents…fyi…all my photos taken this trip were with my iPhone it was just easier to carry around.