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I don’t post photos of my grandchildren, but was taking a photo of something else and I thought I would share this very cool finger painting by my grand daughter, before she was two.   I love this, but then I’m the grand mother so biased…


while orange is not a favorite color, who doesn’t love a Gerber Daisy?

gerber daisy.16.2


In honor of those who those who served in the past, those who lost their lives and those who are presently serving their country…

Someone asked me what this symbol is…this is a Poppy, in Canada many of us wear it on our left lapel for approximately two weeks before November 11th. Our Canadian Legion offers these to the public for a donation, raising money for our Veterans. We call November 11th, Remembrance Day, Poppy Day or Armistice Day…we wear the Poppy as a symbol of respect, remembrance and thanks to past present and future fallen soldiers, and to those who continue to serve their country!