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Went with family to take my granddaughter to the park, which is to the right of this area but I thought it was interesting how deserted the beach area looked…it was a warm night, definitely swimming weather?


One of my all time favorite places to be…photo taken with my iPhone


I was looking through some of the photos I’ve taken and came across this one…love this tree with it’s gnarly branches

two.trees.bent.waterfront.2013 (2)

I took this photo last fall, in October some time…we always have over the top winds in October.  This tree had a large base but it just couldn’t withstand the intensity of the wind that day.  

while orange is not a favorite color, who doesn’t love a Gerber Daisy?

gerber daisy.16.2

Hey…I’ve been under the weather for a few weeks, but I’m feeling like it is time to get back to “normal”…

gnarly tree.16,.,.

a little different perspective of a photo I posted a couple of days ago…taken with my iPhone will on the road!


Another photo taken while driving with my iPhone…of course I wasn’t driving.  I enjoy this type of landscape, barren but every once in a while something cool pops up!


Remember when…I used to enjoy making sand castles as a child.  Found this abandoned one on the beach!


Buds on the branches mean spring is here!!!


I spotted these lovely purple crocuses at the waterfront last week…same day I photographed the ice moving.


Thought I’d post a few photos of the ice up close, gives you and idea of the force behind the ice when you see how small the pieces are…




Last week, Wed. April 27th, I stopped at the waterfront to take a few photos of the ice…it has finally begun to move.  If you look closely you can see the ice is beginning to crystallize as well.   A bit slow this year but then this winter has been unusual to say the least…



yellow flower.marco.16...

Date Palm…

This was an interesting trip, I learned new, interesting info while away…no I didn’t know these were Date Palms! palm.2016


Don’t bother me…

This fellow was relaxing, without any concern for those who where observing him…Naples Zoo, Florida



On the drive to and from Florida one of the areas I enjoy driving through is around Lexington, Kentucky.   I love the farms/ranches and the rolling hills in that area of the state.  Even on a dreary day it is lovely to see…



These fellows are from the arthropod family, apparently there are 1,220 species of barnacles…this particular one is related to the lobster and crab…who knew?pole.sea.stuff.2016

Reticulated Python…

Kaa, is a 19ft. 191 lbs., Reticulated Python found at the Naples Zoo.   The enclosure looks small for this lady, but it was new in June of 2015.   While these snakes are large and strong enough to kill an adult human they are nonvenomous constrictors who are generally not considered dangerous to humans…attacks are rarely reported.   The photo is cropped thin due to the reflection of the glass in the photo, which was distracting and taking away from this magnificent specimen.


Red bananas

Saw this plant at the Naples Zoo and I have to admit I didn’t know what it was at first…


Ginger flower…

I have to admit, I’ve seen these flowers for years and never knew what they were called…Ginger flower.



White Ibis

If you been to Florida you will have seen these fellows, they are all over the place and are not too proud to beg for food.   The White Ibis is one of 26 species around the world.   In Florida you will find the White Ibis, which has black tipped wings  you can only see this detail when they are flying, the Glossy Ibis, which has brown patches…there is also a Scarlet Ibis in southern Florida, this happens to be the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago and was introduced  to Florida either deliberately or through migration.  I’ve not see the Scarlet one but will watch for it…white.ibis.2016

Chinese Hibiscus

I’ve simply called this flower a hibiscus but apparently it has a grander name…”Chinese Hibiscus”…the leaf of this plant is lovely in it’s own right!flower.2016

From an “Artist’s Garden”…in Key West