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more of Lake Nipissing

I took these yesterday, the first two are looking in the opposite direction of yesterdays photos…it will most likely be another two weeks before the ice is completely off the lake.  Of course that all depends on how much wind and rain we have as both of these contribute to the ice break up.



What I was trying to show in the photo below is there are buds on this tree…on a few trees I noticed…I couldn’t zoom in as the trees are very mature and much taller than I at 5ft 4in…but…if you squint, you can see the buds…:)  Spring is officially here!



oranges & grapefruit…

my mother has a huge grapefruit tree and a much smaller orange tree on her property in Florida, she has enjoyed an abundance of grapefruit in the last 7 years.  the orange tree is only a couple of years old so not much fruit from it, 9 oranges I think she said…

I don’t eat grapefruit, but apparently these are delicious!  she gives them away by the bag full every year…

grapefruit.2013below is the lovely flower on the tree along with the tiny green grapefruit…

grapefruit2.2013below are the tiny new oranges…it is interesting when they are this tiny they look exactly like the grapefruit…even the flowers do!orange tree.2013