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One of my all time favorite places to be…photo taken with my iPhone


Hey…I’ve been under the weather for a few weeks, but I’m feeling like it is time to get back to “normal”…

gnarly tree.16,.,.

Remember when…I used to enjoy making sand castles as a child.  Found this abandoned one on the beach!


I spotted these lovely purple crocuses at the waterfront last week…same day I photographed the ice moving.


It is a bit cooler here today, the wind strong and cold…this reminds me the warmer days are on the way!



Red bananas

Saw this plant at the Naples Zoo and I have to admit I didn’t know what it was at first…


Ginger flower…

I have to admit, I’ve seen these flowers for years and never knew what they were called…Ginger flower.



North & South

We didn’t stay on South Beach this year, but managed to visit…have to say I missed not staying along the coast.





Chinese Hibiscus

I’ve simply called this flower a hibiscus but apparently it has a grander name…”Chinese Hibiscus”…the leaf of this plant is lovely in it’s own right!flower.2016

From an “Artist’s Garden”…in Key West


all in a row…

If you know me at all you know I love trees, especially “naked trees”…without leaves of course!   This was taken while driving on the way home from Florida…fyi…I wasn’t driving!   A crisp cold morning, brrrr.  There is a bit of dirty windshield showing up on the right hand side but I really liked this so excuse the dirt!


see you later Alligator…

These are such cool fellows…I’ve seen a couple outside the zoo one in particular up close and personal.




I’ve returned from Florida and have just gotten to my photos.  They will be in random order depending on what I get to next.   Here is a fellow we found at the Naples Zoo.   I’ve been to the zoo a couple of times and enjoy the fact it is small and hasn’t been overly busy when we have been there making it relatively easy to observe the zoo residents…fyi…all my photos taken this trip were with my iPhone it was just easier to carry around.



One of my photos taken from the vehicle…no…I wasn’t driving.


You can’t tell from the photo but this little fellow was looking for lunch in the city, with this property butting up to a four lane highway.




crazy clouds

If you visit my blog at all you will know I’m fascinated by clouds…this photo was taken Oct. 10th., last day of the Market.   It was difficult to make the photo presentable as the sun was very bright.  I cropped most of it out as I wanted the cloud formation to be the focal…


This is has been the subject of most of my photo for the past three years…every Saturday and Wednesday.   Along with photos of the vendors and booths.  The North Bay Farmers’ Market.


Fresh picked and on the table for 8:30am on Saturday…


This was in September, so a bit cool first thing…Field Good Farms


Who doesn’t love garlic, how about fresh garlic, the best!


I love the tables first thing in the morning, full of farm fresh veggies …the colors are so vibrant!


Saw this fellow and his companion last year…you could tell they were used to people being around as they didn’t appear to be the least bit concerned.


these photos where taken off the beach at Fort Zachery Taylor Historical Park…boat traffic was somewhat heavy that day!  It is an awesome view…



washed up…

Saw many pieces of coral like this washed up on the shoreline. It was windy & wavey  for the first few days, which meant the beach was covered in sea shells. A bit farther down the beach from our location it was soft sand, so our area is a bit of a catch all when windy…we knew this from last year.
marco.2. 2015


I was looking through the hundreds of photos I took while away and realized 95% of them are of my granddaughter!  The other 4% are of family with her and 1% is of sites while away!   I didn’t realize I did this…was always taking a photo so thought there would be many to post but it turns out there isn’t…

Here is a simplistic one, but one that speaks to my heart!!!  While I don’t/can’t sail, I love the water…


out on a limb…

Spring…look up, look way up!




hard to believe…

This has been a most unusual December for me…Christmas arrived in the blink of an eye!   Enjoy your time regardless of how or if you celebrate.    By the way, it is raining again and is supposed to continue through tomorrow…snow will be gone again!

bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

When I go for my walks I like to walk to the lake…there are many access for me to use but they don’t differ much in appearance.   There were waves washing up on the shore so I took a few photos of them.   check out the bubbles…simplistic yes, but cool.