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south beach…key west

this is as you can see a tiny beach at the southern end of Key West…I’ve stopped by and took a few photos, but never actually sat down for the day…in all honesty, in my opinion, Key West isn’t the spot to go for a fabulous beach…although this one is not bad…I enjoy Key West for the smallness, the sun, & the friendliness of the “natives”…having said that it isn’t a place for everyone…I think you will enjoy it if you are somewhat of a “hippy” at heart…or a bit artsy…  :~)

south beach,key west.2012 (600 x 336)


partially frozen…lake nipissing

this photo is from a few weeks ago…just before we had the 10 inches of snow, I haven’t been able to get any new shots at the access as the snow plows have pushed up mountains of snow, blocking my path..have to say I’m past climbing up mountains of snow!

semi frozen lake.2012 (816 x 612)