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Leesburg waterway to Lake Harris

leesburg, florida 2012 (600 x 402)Love sitting at the small uniquely interesting outdoor “bar/cafe” that is to the left of this photo…it is usually peaceful, now and then a boat will pass by, would be a great place to sit and read!.  When I’m there this winter I will take a photo of the bar/cafe…it is old, and run down, in terrible shape really, I’m sure it hasn’t been updated in years but I like it regardless…

second half…

I’ve begun using my son’s Sony camera and I don’t know if it has a panorama setting, so I took this photo in two sections, I can do a panorama shot with my iPhone but it was too cold for it that day…the sun was setting behind me giving the sky a beautiful look!

raillines.2012 (600 x 450)