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more winter photos…

this was taken yesterday…the wind was bitterly cold, but when I first went out it was somewhat sunny..I’ve been meaning to take a photo of this tree since last fall and just got around to it yesterday…I took the shot at the wrong angle because it is difficult to tell that it is leaning right over the beach area…I should have taken it from the side…another day.  this is looking west out over Lake Nipissing…still frozen solid, but it is starting to open up at the shore line and it is a good sign when we see dark areas in the ice…


below is some of the ice as it begins to  move at the Waterfront, Lake Nipissing…I’ve got some really interesting shots from Sunset Park this afternoon of the ice movement…haven’t had time to process them yet, hopefully tomorrow


this is the nw side of Sunset Park…the water is down right now but not nearly as low as it usually is…the sand that is visible is usually covered with water in the summer time.