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I visit a number of photography blogs and every now and then I’m inspired to try something different with the processing of the photos.   I’m limited to some extent with the programs I have, Photoscape, and Picasa…I also have gimp but I’ve not taken the time to get into it.  recently I”ve seen a few blogs who are using some form of HDR effect, which I rather like so I checked Picasa and it has a setting called HDR-ish…so I gave it a try with a couple of my photos…if you’ve been visiting for awhile you will know I’ve a thing for gnarly, naked trees…the waterfront on Lake Nipissing offers a few great ones due to the very high winds blowing regularly in the area…below is the original photo.


below I’ve used the HDR-ish setting…

of course this one is a simple black and white…more dramatic…


this one is black & white with HDR-ish used…b.w.HDR-ish.twobenttrees.2013