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spring is working on it!

here are a couple more of the ice breaking up…all were taken on Sunday.  this is facing the area/bay where I grew up, if you look closely you will see a water tower above the tree line on the left just past the clump of trees in the foreground.  my home as a child is to the left of that…I know you can’t see anything but this may help visitors understand why I love the water so much!

ice.pile.up.ssp.2.2013I like the dark and light of the pieces of ice…some pieces are more saturated with water than others…I heard on the news last evening there is a possibility of flooding on Lake Nipissing…they feel it could reach flood levels by the weekend…ice.breaking.up.2013some of you may remember I shot a photo from a similiar angle in the winter…looks different…I’ll take another when the grass is green…picnic.table.spring.2013