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Boring name I know, but I don’t really have a way with words!   I had a difficult time while away trying to capture the sunsets…our condo faced west so I saw one most evenings, but was rarely happy with the photos.   Not sure why, someone said I should have used a tripod and a longer exposure and I’m sure he was correct, I honestly don’t know enough about my camera, at this point, I’m enjoying taking photos but not yet feeling like I want to jump head first  into the workings of the camera.   I couldn’t bring my tripod on the plane, too much to carry…I was with my daughter  so I wasn’t about to take the time to begin reading to find out what to do!

These are the same photos of course…but the colors in the colored are not accurate!  I’m showing one B & W along with its color counterpart simply because even though the color isn’t accurate I like the photo!!!