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Sun set with a twist…


Went with family to take my granddaughter to the park, which is to the right of this area but I thought it was interesting how deserted the beach area looked…it was a warm night, definitely swimming weather?


One of my all time favorite places to be…photo taken with my iPhone


I was looking through some of the photos I’ve taken and came across this one…love this tree with it’s gnarly branches

two.trees.bent.waterfront.2013 (2)

Remember when…I used to enjoy making sand castles as a child.  Found this abandoned one on the beach!


I spotted these lovely purple crocuses at the waterfront last week…same day I photographed the ice moving.


Thought I’d post a few photos of the ice up close, gives you and idea of the force behind the ice when you see how small the pieces are…




Last week, Wed. April 27th, I stopped at the waterfront to take a few photos of the ice…it has finally begun to move.  If you look closely you can see the ice is beginning to crystallize as well.   A bit slow this year but then this winter has been unusual to say the least…


It is a bit cooler here today, the wind strong and cold…this reminds me the warmer days are on the way!



Date Palm…

This was an interesting trip, I learned new, interesting info while away…no I didn’t know these were Date Palms! palm.2016


North & South

We didn’t stay on South Beach this year, but managed to visit…have to say I missed not staying along the coast.








Hoar frost…

for a definition of hoar frost click here…





a blustery day

cold wind biting deep

taking the longing to sit!



facing south west…



Chief Commanda I

I’ve posted photos of the Chief Commanda previously…it was launched in 1946, and served Lake Nipissing until 1975 when it was replaced by Cheif Commanda II.  Chief I is now a restaurant on the waterfront.


sunset & silhouettes…

This is the sunset I posted last week, taken as I approached the beach…I like the silhouette of the trees on either side.

crazy clouds

If you visit my blog at all you will know I’m fascinated by clouds…this photo was taken Oct. 10th., last day of the Market.   It was difficult to make the photo presentable as the sun was very bright.  I cropped most of it out as I wanted the cloud formation to be the focal…


Saw this fellow and his companion last year…you could tell they were used to people being around as they didn’t appear to be the least bit concerned.


Hope to see you again…

I’ve been absent for awhile now, life happens…I hope to be around now!

I’m trying out a new theme, but not sure it is what I want as I can’t seem to make the photos larger to fill more of the page?  Will be playing around for the next little while so if you come by and see something unusual it is because I’m playing.

When I went out a couple of weeks ago it was just as the sun had set and the sky was awash with the most vibrant colors, I’d gotten out of the habit of keeping my camera in my vehicle but my trusty iPhone did the trick I think…



how to paint a sail boat!

Certainly an interesting undertaking…with a crane involved I’m sure expensive as well!


these photos where taken off the beach at Fort Zachery Taylor Historical Park…boat traffic was somewhat heavy that day!  It is an awesome view…



where is spring?

How has your spring been so far?  Ours hasn’t arrived yet…check out our snow banks!   As I am writing this it is snowing, in the morning the temperature is supposed to be -26F or -14C with the wind chill!   …could be worse right?