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Ice gone…

the weather is getting better, the ice is off the lake, I can see summer in the not too distant future!   These photos were taken two weeks ago before all the ice was off the lake.  I’ve not taken anything much since, too busy preparing for the Opening Day of our local Farmers’ Market.

the photos were taken at Sunset Park…a favorite childhood place for me to visit.  The ice was moving about that day…you can see it piling up on the rocks.


when I took the photo below I stood at the shore line listening to the ice as it moved, I could actually hear it moving against itself…a very strange sound!



ice encrusted…

both these photos are of the ice encrusted rocks after a cold windy day when the waves crash on shore…the water freezes on the rocks in a ripply affect…I don’t think I quit captured the beauty…especially when the sun shines on them! water.2013ice.rock.2013