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Hope to see you again…

I’ve been absent for awhile now, life happens…I hope to be around now!

I’m trying out a new theme, but not sure it is what I want as I can’t seem to make the photos larger to fill more of the page?  Will be playing around for the next little while so if you come by and see something unusual it is because I’m playing.

When I went out a couple of weeks ago it was just as the sun had set and the sky was awash with the most vibrant colors, I’d gotten out of the habit of keeping my camera in my vehicle but my trusty iPhone did the trick I think…



Tussock Moth Caterpillar…

Found this fellow last Saturday, I have to admit that in all my years, I don’t remember ever seeing one of these fellows before?  It is actually very pretty…

I found the following information on this website:

“These cool-looking caterpillars produce a quite plain and inconspicuous moth. They eat almost anything, including a number of decorative trees like hawthorn that cities tend to plant along roads and in plazas. Tussock moth caterpillars get their name from the little tufts of fur along their backs; apparently these are called “tussocks” in some parts of the world.”
catterpiller.2014 (2)



happy new year!

I wondered what I should post for my first in 2013…I decided on a photo of two of the views I love most…a sunset on lake nipissing.  This was taken a few years ago…sunset...2010 (600 x 400)


a very well fed fellow!

crow.2012 (600 x 569)

buddy…he was scared!