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laying down…

this particular Bougainvillea tree is on the property of the condo we rented in Key West this year.   It has grown terribly out of shape, completely bending over, and yet it continues to thrive.   As you can see it is lifting the interlocking brick as it grows.   tree.key.west.2015t to thrive.



holding on…

I’ve this potted Bougainvillea on my deck…my yard will have to wait for next year to be finished, but I love this particular flower so bought one to put on my deck.   This photo was taken Oct. 4th…only a few tiny leaves and flowers left at the end of each stem…till next year!


beauty & gnarly…

here is one of my favourite bushes…Bougainvillea……so vibrantly colourfulhibiscus.2013.marco.

anyone who stops by on occasion will know that a gnarly tree is beautiful thing to me…it always makes me wonder what happened to the branches to make them for m the way they do…some trees it is obvious the wind has bent them but others not so obvious…saw this fellow on the way to Key West when I stopped to take photos of the bridgegnarly.tree.k.w.2013