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lovely lily…



Purchased this rose on Wednesday at the Market…I gave the flower lady a vase and said put in it what you want, came back a while later and this part of what she put in it!  Coincidental!v.yellow.rose.4.2014,,,






holding on…

I’ve this potted Bougainvillea on my deck…my yard will have to wait for next year to be finished, but I love this particular flower so bought one to put on my deck.   This photo was taken Oct. 4th…only a few tiny leaves and flowers left at the end of each stem…till next year!


Most of us aren’t a fan of Dandelions, myself included, but they do look pretty and delicate just before they get blown all over…dandelion.2013this lovely flower is one from a bush in my next door neighbors front yard…I don’t think it is as sharp as it could be due to the fact it was swaying a bit in the breeze when I was taking the photo…I couldn’t resist!