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As you may know I was away for a couple of weeks, we were most fortunate to have missed the two coldest weeks so far this winter!!!   Didn’t take my laptop so I couldn’t keep up with  posting and visiting.   This year my daughter and I went to Marco Island.  I stayed there for a week last year in a house and enjoyed it so thought I’d try it again.   This time we decided to go for a condo on South Marco Beach, with a west exposure.   As a result the majority of my photos will be from that area…of course we went out,  but for the most part when we did I forgot my camera, as we were going shopping, to the Market or to eat!   If you’ve never been, the beach itself is a beauty, fairly wide, with most of the surface compact broken shells with some fine sand mixed in,  the waters edge is small shells, some live some not.  I enjoyed myself watching theses fellows moving along across the shells.   Shoes are required when walking along the beach unless you are right at the waters edge…shell.movining.2a.104