fun with photo manipulation…

Hmmmm…I”m new to the world of photography in this manner… I’ve taken photos all my life of family, my trips, jewelry to post…but…I’ve never taken photos to post on a blog for others to see!

On my new journey something I’ve been seeing in my travels around photography blogs is photo manipulation.   The only program I have to work with my photos is Picasa…jewelry photos doesn’t require any special effects!  Having said that I just learned I can do some very interesting photo manipulation with Picasa.  I’ve added a few photos…it was fun to experiment…

This is the original, all I’ve done is crop it…I think the redishness is from the sunset behind me when I was taking this photos?

original.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve added a boarder & used the heat map setting…this one was fun!boarder.heatmap.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve used infrared film, lomo-ish, and added a boarder, mysterious!infrared fil, lomo-ish, boarder.2012 (524 x 600)

I’ve used tint & saturation…love cobalt blue, so this is a favourite!tint.saturation.2012 (524 x 600)

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