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Sun set with a twist…


Went with family to take my granddaughter to the park, which is to the right of this area but I thought it was interesting how deserted the beach area looked…it was a warm night, definitely swimming weather?


Lake Nipissing, taken last November…we have some of the most beautiful sunsets!


One of my all time favorite places to be…photo taken with my iPhone


These stark, yet vibrant photos are some of my favorite to capture…take from a moving vehicle with my iPhone…


I don’t post photos of my grandchildren, but was taking a photo of something else and I thought I would share this very cool finger painting by my grand daughter, before she was two.   I love this, but then I’m the grand mother so biased…


I was looking through some of the photos I’ve taken and came across this one…love this tree with it’s gnarly branches

two.trees.bent.waterfront.2013 (2)

I took this photo last fall, in October some time…we always have over the top winds in October.  This tree had a large base but it just couldn’t withstand the intensity of the wind that day.  

while orange is not a favorite color, who doesn’t love a Gerber Daisy?

gerber daisy.16.2

lovely lily…


Hey…I’ve been under the weather for a few weeks, but I’m feeling like it is time to get back to “normal”…

gnarly tree.16,.,.

a little different perspective of a photo I posted a couple of days ago…taken with my iPhone will on the road!


A fruit bouquet…given to my Mother on Mother’s Day by one of my brothers…

Another photo taken while driving with my iPhone…of course I wasn’t driving.  I enjoy this type of landscape, barren but every once in a while something cool pops up!


My view left and right while in Marco Island this winter…I have to admit while the house was awesome I missed the ocean view and will be doing my best to stay ocean side in the future.



Remember when…I used to enjoy making sand castles as a child.  Found this abandoned one on the beach!


To all Mother’spurple.flower.16.mothersday.,,,

Buds on the branches mean spring is here!!!


I put the clean laundry down…turned my back for a minute and look who decided to burrow in…


I spotted these lovely purple crocuses at the waterfront last week…same day I photographed the ice moving.


Thought I’d post a few photos of the ice up close, gives you and idea of the force behind the ice when you see how small the pieces are…




Last week, Wed. April 27th, I stopped at the waterfront to take a few photos of the ice…it has finally begun to move.  If you look closely you can see the ice is beginning to crystallize as well.   A bit slow this year but then this winter has been unusual to say the least…


Fog area…

On the drive to Florida we always discuss the “Fog Area”, which is near Calhoun, TN.  Fog is common in this area due to the combination of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.  The Fog Area is approximately 19 miles of fog lights, 8 fog detectors, 22 speed detectors and gates on the on/off ramps.  The reason for the lights, detectors, etc., is because Dec. 11th, 1990 there was a 99 car pile up due to fog…12 people died and 42 people were injured.   The accident happened due to fog that drifts over I75 north and south, generally early morning.  I75 goes over the Hiwassee River, which is part of the reason for the fog…this is where the worst fog occurs.  It is always under observation and when dense fog occurs this area is closed and vehicles are rerouted until the fog has dissipated, but those who are caught in this area when the fog is present are given the following instructions when driving through: follow the speed limit, do not slow down, do not stop!

We have driven to Florida eight or nine times, so total of 16/18 times driving through this area, and have always been fortunate to go through later in the day, without fog.

On the way home from Florida this year we drove through that area around 9:00am and experienced light fog.  As we drove over the Hiwassee River I looked to my right and saw what looked like a solid white, wall of nothing, it was so close I could almost reach out the window and touch it.   I realized we were fortunate to go past the river when we did or we would have been engulfed in the dense fog…

This is a photo I took driving through the area(I wasn’t driving).  We were almost through the fog area…I was watching the fog so it took me awhile to realize I should take a photo…unfortunately I only have the one!  As you can see it was very light fog here, for which we were thankful for after seeing the dense wall of fog over the river…


yellow flower.marco.16...