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old is new again…

I’ve not taken any photos for a couple of weeks now, which is why I’ve been posting photos I’ve taken in the last year or so…here are three more.

Lake Nipissing facing south west…


Leesburg, Florida, taken a couple of years ago.

Leesburge Florida...

Lake Nipissing, facing north along Memorial Drive.


a bit of B & W

I becoming a big fan of b & w…these are older shots I’ve converted as I’ve not been able to take many photos and the ones I’ve taken I’ve not done anything with yet.  I’ll get to them soon I hope.   The photo below is cropped as I liked the rather eery look of it this way…believe it or not there is a restaurant/bar behind me, I think I’ve shown photos of before…right on a canal that feeds into to Lake Harris, Leesburg Florida.

...Leesburg Florida....2013

this is a shot I took from my vehicle window while driving through Kentucky on my way home last winter…if you are a visitor you will know I’m a huge fan of “naked” trees…

tree.22.2013this is one side of Sunset Park point…before all the ice was gone…I thought the b & w made this shot look rather interesting…



I’m using my camera as much as possible while I’m away…taking photos of everything that catches my eye…trying to figure it out as I go…

this little fellow is very tiny, I don’t think he would be any larger than an inch…he just sat there while I snapped away, I zoomed in as much as I could…taken in Leesburg, Florida

tiny greenfrog.2013leesburge

the pilot and crew managed to find a parking spot so the could go for lunch…taken in Traveres, Florida

airplane.2013.leesburgethere actually were about seven of these fellows, but they wouldn’t cooperate so I could get them all at once…taken in Marco Island, Floridathreebirds.marco.2013


more experimentation…or playing if you will!

I’m enjoying experimenting with the settings in PhotoScape…it is a free program that is basically for beginners like myself…it does have a few advanced settings, at least to me they are… of which I’m trying to understand but for the most part it is very simple to work with!

below is the original photo…love this area of Leesburge, Florida…

Leesburge Florida cropped.2012 grey scale…I would like to figure out how to do the grey scale, but adding a punch of color…for instance in this photo the bird or some of the docks could be coloured…that look appeals to me.Leesburge Florida cropped.2012 grayscaleworked with the saturation on this one…Leesburge Florida cropped.2012 saturation levelsand of course the reverse black and white…I love contrasts…Leesburge Florida cropped.2012 reverse black


feeling like a water shot today…

bird...leesbure...2013was feeling like a water shot today…doesn’t look like much but there is a tiny outside restaurant to the left…we go there at least once when I visit my Mother…it actually is very quiet, and peaceful…good food as well!


Leesburg waterway to Lake Harris

leesburg, florida 2012 (600 x 402)Love sitting at the small uniquely interesting outdoor “bar/cafe” that is to the left of this photo…it is usually peaceful, now and then a boat will pass by, would be a great place to sit and read!.  When I’m there this winter I will take a photo of the bar/cafe…it is old, and run down, in terrible shape really, I’m sure it hasn’t been updated in years but I like it regardless…


leesburg florida waterway…

Leesburge Florida (600 x 400)to the left of where I’m standing taking the photo is a unique outdoor establishment serving cold beverages, and delicious food…


gator undercover…leesburg, florida

Gator 2011 (808 x 486)