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clear skies and ocean…except one!

I have many more snow photos but I thought maybe I should show you something else…we did get some snow last evening…not sure how much…enough to need to shovel!keywest2010this is in new town in Key West…it is not far from where you come on to the island…pretty but I prefer old town, it is much more quaint!

keywest.marina.2012Key West marina…there is a nice boardwalk, with restaurants, in case you need to keep your strength up…

cherry point.2010this is Lake Nipissing when the water has been drawn down, the left hand point is called Cheery Point…they draw down the water every fall to avoid flooding in the spring…I used to live to the right of the photo…we had a huge sand bar, often similiar to this,  most falls…in the twenty years we lived there I remember a couple of times we had flooding in some areas along the shore line…we had damage done to our break wall and water came up very close to the house…I moved from this house in 2010…