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more snow coming…maybe!

these photos were taken two days ago…I’ve a few more, but will wait awhile before I post more…as I don’t want to over do it with snow!  Having said that we have a snow squall watch  for later today with possible low visibility… I ‘d like a mild spell before more snow thanks   😉corner house.14.2013both the photo above and below is a house I walk past almost daily…the trees and shrubs are gorgeous any season of the year but extra specially pretty when laden with snow…corner house.14.2013.this tree is just up the street from the photo above…you see I take photos of what I see when I’m walking…my intention is to go for a drive and take photos of something other than where I live but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…one day!     I must say the two photos above have only been re-sized/cropped nothing else…the one below was back-lit as I thought it brought out the branches more, while leaving the sky alone…tree up the street.14.213


sunset, key west…2012

I’m late getting something posted today, but didn’t want to miss so here is one of my favourite things…sunset 1key west 2012