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colourize & colour enhanced…

I’ve down loaded a new photo software program, PhotoScape…it is simple to use, easy to find my way around, for the most part…especially when I take the time to play a bit…of course there are settings I’ve no idea of what they do but that will come with experimentation. ¬† I tried GIMP a couple of weeks ago, while I’m sure it is a great program¬† I found it too complicated for me right now…I would have to learn the software before I could do any thing and didn’t want to take the time…PhotoScape I could jump right in and do things right away…so I did a bit of experimentation today to see what I could come up with.

this has been colour enhanced…I rather like the little sparkles all over the photo…and the blue is part of the enhancement…

crow.2012.colour enhanced. 2013I simply colourized this photo…”pretty in pink”

hsf.heather.cote.after the snow.14.2013.colour enhanced this was colour enhanced…looks better than the originallavasse river. 2010 (600 x 400)colour enhanced