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water day…

I’ve not had a chance to get out and take new shots so for today, two of the photos will be ones I took two Saturdays ago, the other one is from Cocoa Beach that I took this winter…I love the water so never get tired of see or taking water photos!  I wanted the whole pier so had to stand way back then crop the photo to bring it in…not thrilled with it though.

cocoa.beach.pier.2013the pier at Cocoa Beach…only visited for a few days but enjoyed it…on the pier I think there are 4 restaurants…only visited one but enjoyed the food and music!

waterfront.2.22013this is another part of the waterfront here, if you look closely you can see the Chief Commanda I, restaurant in the background.

chief.11.2013and of course Chief Commanda II, from a different angle…