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to sepia or not to sepia?

here is a not so great photo(in color) of the sunset at Key West…I’ve done it in black & white then tried sepia, which I de-saturated…not sure if I did the desaturation correctly as it looks very much like grey scale, or is this the way it is supposed to look?
this is the grey scale… is sepia, without desaturation…I went too far on the first sepia I did…wasn’t sure what to do with it?  this one is rather interesting…a warmer tone in comparison…. this is sepia, completely desaturated…

black & white & color

I saw this old barn on the drive home from Florida this winter… in Kentucky I think.  The photos was taken from the vehicle out of the passenger side window.  The roof has seen better days…thought I’d try it in both color and black & white…do you have a preference?
old home.2013
old home.20b.w.13

these of course are more of the gnarly bent trees…