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a bit of B & W

I becoming a big fan of b & w…these are older shots I’ve converted as I’ve not been able to take many photos and the ones I’ve taken I’ve not done anything with yet.  I’ll get to them soon I hope.   The photo below is cropped as I liked the rather eery look of it this way…believe it or not there is a restaurant/bar behind me, I think I’ve shown photos of before…right on a canal that feeds into to Lake Harris, Leesburg Florida.

...Leesburg Florida....2013

this is a shot I took from my vehicle window while driving through Kentucky on my way home last winter…if you are a visitor you will know I’m a huge fan of “naked” trees…

tree.22.2013this is one side of Sunset Park point…before all the ice was gone…I thought the b & w made this shot look rather interesting…