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changed my mind…introducing Jade again!

I was going to do a year in review kind of post…but after taking a look back at some of my posts I’ve changed my mind!   I think I’ll find something fairly recent to post!    I couldn’t resist posting these two…this is Jade…I introduced her last Christmas.   She is my daughter’s standard poodle and she thinks she is one of the children!   Poor Jade, she is totally exhausted from the holidays…this was taken Christmas day.


The color of the photo below is a bit off but it was either washed out or too much color as the photo above is closer to her natural color, so I chose to use it like this.  I wanted to show the photo below as it shows just how tired she was…Jade is laying on a couch, yes, at her size, with her two front paws under her chin.  Just look at those eyes…and yet if you asked her to she would be willing to play.



To you and yours…




here is something a bit different for me…this is Jade, my daughter’s pride and joy!  I rarely take photos indoors…I wasn’t happy with the colouring of the photo so I tried black and white…for the last number of years the only photo software I’ve used was Picasa…simplistic but honestly all I really needed at the time.  upon visiting a new blog friend I heard about GIMP…I downloaded it but I think it will take me awhile to familiarize myself with it…I was considering Photoshop but I think that might be a bit too complicated for me right now?

jade xmas 2012 (315 x 600)jade xmas 2012 (315 x 600)-001


First let me say Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love…

I took a few photos of my tree to post but because it is done in chocolate brown, lime green, silver and a touch of red it didn’t show up nicely…so I decide to show a few of my decorations!

This little bear is hand made by a friend of mine…he is just under 4 inches tall…has movable arms and legs… definitly a work of art!teddy bear 2012This is a hand cut and painted glass decoration!hand made decoriations 2012

The star isn’t handcrafted but looks like it could have been…I just like the 2012

Again this is a hand cut and painted glass decoration…hand made glass decoration 2012