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You can’t tell from the photo but this little fellow was looking for lunch in the city, with this property butting up to a four lane highway.




Snack time…

When I came out of a building here is what I found…this fellow was 25 ft at the most away from me and definitly not afraid!

  He was munching on the Crab-apples at the base of the tree, scroll down!



up close and personal…

I hunted for these two photos last week and I couldn’t find them…I found one similiar but not the right one…then yesterday when I was looking for something completely different, of course I found these two…the one below is a terrible photo, I was inside the house and there is a  very large over hang, like a huge wooden umbrella so it didn’t allow for a great shot, terribly dark and I tried many things to do something with it…but it shows how close the deer came to my house on the lake…

deer on balcony.2010...2013on his way home…as you can see the water is not up to full levels.