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holding the moon…

Photo taken while driving…of course I wasn’t the driver…

holding the moon…

On the way back from Sudbury, which is 1.5 hrs west of North Bay, I managed to capture a few photos…of course they were all taken from the moving vehicle as a result they are not as crisp or clear as them should be…but I couldn’t resist posting them regaradless!


the moon isn’t as cool in the last two photos, but the positioning was rather interesting…



moon at 5:00am

this was taken last Friday, July 26th at 5:00am…I was packing my vehicle to make the trip to Rosseau Market…I’ve tried these types of shots before but never managed to get one that I liked…I like the stark black and white of this one…all that was done to this was cropping, sharpened and noise reduction…I would like to eliminate the halo but I think that has something to do with how I took the photo???moon...2013


moon, spider & kitty

I was looking through some of my older photos for something specific…I didn’t find what I was looking for but found these three…the moon I took in 2010, looks to me as though it was one of my “from the vehicle” shots…not sure where though?

moon.2010this next one is of a spider I saw on my back deck…I’m not afraid of spiders, but this one was huge, at least in my mind it was…2012

spider.2.20122012… the last one is of “Kitty”…she loves to lay on her back on the deck sunning herself



full moon rising…

the sky was beautiful last night…crystal clear, no clouds that I could see and a huge bright, full moon…I took a few photos from my yard, at dusk, as the moon was rising, before it got dark.   while these aren’t great photos they are ok…better than my first attempt at shooting the moon a couple of months ago…I deleted those ones!blue moon3...2013.....cblue moon...2013...

I did the one below in grey scale for something different

blue moon2...2013greyscale

I also tried it out in reverse black & white…

blue moon2...2013reverse.b&W