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more warm weather shots…

Daytona Beach, 2008 or 09 not sure which…I used to enjoy visiting…was rather disappointed the last time I was there in 2011…  datona beach.2008Daytona Beach…found these two photos,  figured they would make good warm weather shots daytona beach. 2008.PS…it is considerably warmer here today 9F, a balmy day… 🙂  so I’m going to walk today, will take photos but they will be snowy winter ones!


warm weather thoughts…

it is still very cold here…-24F with wind chill right now!  it is expected to warm up in the next few days…I’m looking forward to it…but for today my photos will be “warm weather” shots…

this is a view from the vehicle on the way to Key West…although slow going the trip from the mainland to Key West is beautiful…so much to see along the way…so far, we’ve been fortunate to have perfect weather during the drive to and from…drive to key west 2012

below is a very small part of Shipyard Condominiums, Truman Annex, Key West Florida, it is a great complex of condos…all are individually owned many rented out to winter vacationers…by the week, month or season, which ever is preferred…this complex is beautifully landscaped with a pool in the centre…only two blocks from Ducal Street…what ever you are looking for is within walk distance…

truman annex.2.key west.2012this is a small shopping area to the south of Mallory Square…have visited it numerous times and never found it any busier than it is below…not sure why it is a pretty area, nice shops…the cruise ships dock just to the right and in front of this area maybe people don’t venture here as they think it will be terribly busy???

key west, newr mallory square.2012


this is one of the public accesses I like to stop at on my walks…this was taken November 13, 2012, on a blustery day…Lake Nipissing is famous for being calm one minute and gale force winds the next, which has led to some rather frightening times on the lake, when I was younger…not gale force this day but windy non the less…

lake nipissing11.13.2012this is the exact same location…a bit broader photo, you see more of the trees on the left. this exactly one month later…December 13, 2012…looks more calm and serene this day!

same access.12.13.2012


clear skies and ocean…except one!

I have many more snow photos but I thought maybe I should show you something else…we did get some snow last evening…not sure how much…enough to need to shovel!keywest2010this is in new town in Key West…it is not far from where you come on to the island…pretty but I prefer old town, it is much more quaint!

keywest.marina.2012Key West marina…there is a nice boardwalk, with restaurants, in case you need to keep your strength up…

cherry point.2010this is Lake Nipissing when the water has been drawn down, the left hand point is called Cheery Point…they draw down the water every fall to avoid flooding in the spring…I used to live to the right of the photo…we had a huge sand bar, often similiar to this,  most falls…in the twenty years we lived there I remember a couple of times we had flooding in some areas along the shore line…we had damage done to our break wall and water came up very close to the house…I moved from this house in 2010…


more snow coming…maybe!

these photos were taken two days ago…I’ve a few more, but will wait awhile before I post more…as I don’t want to over do it with snow!  Having said that we have a snow squall watch  for later today with possible low visibility… I ‘d like a mild spell before more snow thanks   😉corner house.14.2013both the photo above and below is a house I walk past almost daily…the trees and shrubs are gorgeous any season of the year but extra specially pretty when laden with snow…corner house.14.2013.this tree is just up the street from the photo above…you see I take photos of what I see when I’m walking…my intention is to go for a drive and take photos of something other than where I live but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…one day!     I must say the two photos above have only been re-sized/cropped nothing else…the one below was back-lit as I thought it brought out the branches more, while leaving the sky alone…tree up the street.14.213


from gloomy to sunny…

it is a gloomy, rainy day today…which contributed to my decision to post something sunny and warm from key west…sailboat.keywest.2013withoutframe (2)


facing the sun…



this is one of the few lake photos I took this morning where the sky looked right…I know this is a bit bright as I took it facing the sun but I love the colour of the sky!into the sun 2.13


beautiful sky…

what a glorious day for a walk…it is warm today, sunny and smells like spring…what more could I want?   I know the warm spring like weather is only just for a day or so but will enjoy it while I can…the sky was that strikingly beautiful blue with some fluffy, powder puff type clouds…I live in a small city so it was very difficult to get any photos of the sky with out trees…now don’t get me wrong, trees are one of my very favourite items in nature to photograph…but today was about the sky!   I’m going to have to take some time and go for a drive outside the city…beautiful sky.3013I captured some descent tree shots, but was very disappointed with some of the lake nipissing shots, not sure what happened…when I took the photos into the sun the sky was close to natural but with the sun behind me the whole photo is terrible?  Oh well…another day to try…


feeling like a water shot today…

bird...leesbure...2013was feeling like a water shot today…doesn’t look like much but there is a tiny outside restaurant to the left…we go there at least once when I visit my Mother…it actually is very quiet, and peaceful…good food as well!


fort zachary park beach…key west

fort zachary beach 2012 (600 x 549)key west doesn’t have wonderful sandy beaches as they are all man made…this one… if you look closely you can see the beach is small pebbles…very hard on the feet…walking in sandals or water shoes is a must…as mentioned before I don’t go there for the beaches…having said that south beach has a much nicer sandy beach, although very small…there is also higgs beach, which I don’t have any photos of, rather small but the sand is better there & smathers beach, the couple of times I ventured there I found the shore line littered with weeds…


partially frozen lavasse river, champlain park…

lake nipissing...2009 (600 x 346)this is a shot of the partially frozen lavasse river, at the mouth of lake nipissing, which is in champlain park… I’ve visited here many times over the last twenty years as my home was a 5 minute walk from here…


here it comes…

when I began this blog I consciously didn’t write…my thought was keep it simple…only show the photos, not who I was as a person by writing…I think my photos are very much a part of who I am, but sometimes I feel the need for words…I’ve been visiting a couple of photography blogs since I began this blog…the people have inspired me a great deal, to do what is in my goes!

cruise ship nose at park beach (808 x 651) (600 x 483)west side of Fort Zachary State Park…Key West


off premier road, lake nipissing

this was taken a few years ago…when I lived on the shores of lake nipissing…funny how when something is there for 20 years it becomes common place, but when gone you feel the lose!  This was part of my view for twenty years…I moved two and a half years and miss it more each day…lake nipissing.2009 (600 x 293)Happy New Year to you and yours…may 2013 bring you health, happiness & prosperity!


First let me say Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love…

I took a few photos of my tree to post but because it is done in chocolate brown, lime green, silver and a touch of red it didn’t show up nicely…so I decide to show a few of my decorations!

This little bear is hand made by a friend of mine…he is just under 4 inches tall…has movable arms and legs… definitly a work of art!teddy bear 2012This is a hand cut and painted glass decoration!hand made decoriations 2012

The star isn’t handcrafted but looks like it could have been…I just like the 2012

Again this is a hand cut and painted glass decoration…hand made glass decoration 2012


restuarant…key west

key west restuarant. 2012 (600 x 400)Yes…this is a restaurant in Key West…simple fare but good none the less!

after the snow we had today, I couldn’t resist posting this!!!

south beach.key west.2012 (600 x 400)South Beach, Key West

fuchsia flowers…key west

fuschia flowers...key west.2012 (768 x 512)


into the sun…lake nipissing

into the sun....2012 (808 x 849)


gator undercover…leesburg, florida

Gator 2011 (808 x 486)

south beach, key west


birdies all in a row…


beautiful blue sky…