summer photos in honour of the snow!

I’m late again today…we had at least 10 inches of snow Friday over night and we are expected to have close to the same again tonight!  Ok…I really think it is time for someone else to take a turn…seriously, I won’t mind…  😉

In honour of all that snow I’m posting summer photos…5th ave. naples 2012above is a small view of a few of the great shops on 5th Ave., Naples, this was early in the morning when it wasn’t busy… Callander Bay, 2010this photo is of Callander Bay, east end of Lake Nipissing(approx. 3 kilometres in diameter) but something I’ve not shown before as I don’t have many photos of this area…I will have to take more as it really is very lovely, more so in the summer! drive to key west. 2012above is on the drive to key west…coming up to a abridge, not sure if it is the long bridge  or not…excuse the antenna…

2 responses

  1. You’re dreaming of summer and I’m dreaming of winter, although ours isn’t as harsh as yours. No snow to shovel that’s for sure. Great photos, sunsets are always a joy to shoot.

    January 20, 2013 at 11:39 am

    • lol…yes I’m dreaming of summer…we’ve had soooo much snow int the past week…I’d really like to share it with someone! [?]

      I do understand why you might be wishing for winter though…you’ve had some terribly hot days…

      Sunsets are one of my favourite things to shoot…but then I’m sure you can tell. Cheers Heather

      January 20, 2013 at 2:51 pm

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