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I’ve been around…

I’ve been taking photos since the spring, but they have been different than what I usually take…for the most part the photos have been of veggies, fruit, artisan items and people.   I’m still not happy with my photos of people, but will persevere.

I’ve not posted nor visited much as time was limited for me.   That is coming to an end this week as the North Bay Farmers’ Market last day is this Saturday.   I intend to be around more at least I hope so!  It will be nice to take photos of landscapes, the lake, trees, etc., again.




an explosion of color…

took these shots on Saturday at the North Bay Farmers’ Market…there is such an abundance of fresh product…the colors are awesome!

from Alcase Gardens…gourds and yellow and white pumpkinsRon.Warman.6.2013.from Springhill Farm…gotta love the purple pepper!

springhill.veggies.2013Leisure Farms

definitly not serious!

if you visit on occasion you will know clouds are a favorite of mine…I rather liked the placement of the ones below! clouds and light…something that attracted me, nothing more! of the last of the season…the growing time is short!strawberries.nbfm.2013