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old and gray…

as always, while driving somewhere I bring my camera and snap photos as we drive along…here is a great old barn/shed!

old rosseau.b.w.2014

old rosseau.2014


Trout Lake…

For those of you who don’t know North Bay is fortunate to be surrounded by two awesome lakes…Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake…the latter is the much smaller lake of the two, (7 miles long 2miles wide)approximately 4 miles east of Lake Nipissing, but beautiful none the less.   Trout Lake is the source of North Bay’s drinking water…
This photo was taken of the shoreline of Trout Lake, to show the fall colors.


an explosion of color…

took these shots on Saturday at the North Bay Farmers’ Market…there is such an abundance of fresh product…the colors are awesome!

from Alcase Gardens…gourds and yellow and white pumpkinsRon.Warman.6.2013.from Springhill Farm…gotta love the purple pepper!

springhill.veggies.2013Leisure Farms


this is a building I see on the way to and from Rosseau every Friday…couldn’t decide whether I preferred the color or the b & w…

drive to rosseau.2013drive to rosseau.2013.


here are the color shots of the flowers I posted yesterday… flower...2013

a grand old lady!

this grand old lady, the Chief Commanda, once took passengers on cruises of Lake Nipissing and the French River from 1947 to 1974.  The original ship was named after Raymond Commanda, the local chief who drowned in the French River in 1944, three years before the Chief Commanda 1 was launched.  This location is at the Government Dock, and is now a restaurant in the summers months. Once the Chief Commanda 11 is launched I will take a few photos to post…in order they are black & white, color and sepia all have adjustments to them…
old Chief.b.and.w.2012
old Chief.color.2012
old Chief.sepia.2012

one of each…

I must say, I”m liking the black & white more and more, maybe because I’m finding photos that work?   This ship is at Key West…near Fort Zachary Park…for the last few years there was an older Naval vessel docked there, one that was used as a museum… this year the Coast Guard claimed the spot.

There you have it, black & white, sepia, and the original…I’m actually liking the sepia that has been desaturated slightly.

black & white & color

I saw this old barn on the drive home from Florida this winter… in Kentucky I think.  The photos was taken from the vehicle out of the passenger side window.  The roof has seen better days…thought I’d try it in both color and black & white…do you have a preference?
old home.2013
old home.20b.w.13

these of course are more of the gnarly bent trees…