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bowing to the ground…

I never get tired of looking at these trees…they amaze me, their root system must reach a great distance.  We have very strong winds in this area and I’m always expecting to drive by and find one or more of these old fellows toppled over.  This photo was taken a few weeks before Christmas…


strange season…

The majority of snow is gone…for now… but we are left with ice build up along the shore line…this has been such a strange fall weather wise. I know we aren’t the only place to experience such unusual weather patterns, just stating a fact.   This was taken around 4:30pm yesterday…it was foggy over the water but not so much over the land, made for interesting photos.

ice.lake.nipissing.nov. 2014

ice.lake.nipissing.3.nov. 2014This ice build did not melt and will make for difficult walking and snowmobiling once we get more snow, but is something that is beyond our control and happens often as the winds are strong off the lake…

ice.lake.nipissing.2.nov. 2014

drive to Rosseau Market

this past Friday was rather foggy on the drive to Rosseau Market..we leave North Bay at 5:00am so on a cooler morning we often see some fog, but this was more than usual…nothing serious though.  fyi…the first two photos were taken from the moving vehicle!
drive.rosseau.2013 (2)by around 7:00am most of the fog had lifted… saw this fellow as we came around a curve…Mr Porcupine…he certainly wasn’t in any hurry to get across the road!



government dock…lake nipissing

government dock.lake nipissing.2012


end of the boating season…lake nipissing water front

end of the season...lake nipissing water front (816 x 612)

like glass…



foggy afternoon…lake nipissing