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Sun set with a twist…


a little different perspective of a photo I posted a couple of days ago…taken with my iPhone will on the road!


Another photo taken on the drive home of two of my favorite subjects, clouds and trees…



Silhouettes and clouds…

types.of.trees.2013 (3)

old and gray…

as always, while driving somewhere I bring my camera and snap photos as we drive along…here is a great old barn/shed!

old rosseau.b.w.2014

old rosseau.2014



this was taken a while back as you an see there are still leaves on the trees…

random photos taken before it turned cold and snowed!

public accesss.2013 (3)





black & white (2)...

Callander Bay…

I spotted this old building at the beginning of the dock…I love old buildings like this…the day was very hot and humid in fact it actually looked hazy…which you can see in the photo…notice the lone fisherman at the end of the dock…don’t think I would be fishing there!


one of each…

I must say, I”m liking the black & white more and more, maybe because I’m finding photos that work?   This ship is at Key West…near Fort Zachary Park…for the last few years there was an older Naval vessel docked there, one that was used as a museum… this year the Coast Guard claimed the spot.

There you have it, black & white, sepia, and the original…I’m actually liking the sepia that has been desaturated slightly.

black & white & color

I saw this old barn on the drive home from Florida this winter… in Kentucky I think.  The photos was taken from the vehicle out of the passenger side window.  The roof has seen better days…thought I’d try it in both color and black & white…do you have a preference?
old home.2013
old home.20b.w.13

these of course are more of the gnarly bent trees…

black & white

I’ve always liked black & white photos…it is amazing the change in a photo when it is converted from colour to B & W…if you’ve visited before you know I drawn to gnarly trees…soon they will be covered with leaves…

bent tree.waterfront.2013trees.sunset....2013sunset.picnic.table.2013